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A popular speaker, Kim travels regularly throughout the country giving entertaining and inspiring lectures to audiences at conferences, corporate events, museums, botanical gardens, cultural centers, historic sites, literary festivals, bookstores, libraries, literary societies, and garden clubs nationwide. She was a featured lecturer for the Fall 2014 program of the Royal Oak Foundation, the American partner of the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and lectures regularly for Road Scholar.

Kim is also available to groups for online talks and to book groups for Q&A sessions.

Is your book group reading one of Kim's books? Ask about an online Q&A session with your book group!

Some popular topics are listed here, or contact Kim to discuss topics your group may be interested in. Ask about an online presentation to your group!
"At Home with Jane Austen"
From her youth in a country rectory in Steventon, Hampshire, England—where she wrote her first stories for her friends—to the fashionable spa town of Bath, the seaport of Southampton, and her final years in her last settled home at peaceful Chawton Cottage, beloved author Jane Austen spent her time in many settings. Kim Wilson gives an illustrated tour of Austen's world, her homes, and the journeys the she took during her lifetime. Based on her book, At Home With Jane Austen, Kim brings to life the domestic settings of the Austen’s novels by linking them to homes where she lived, places she visited, and locations where she attended school, ending with her final months in Winchester.
"In the Garden with Jane Austen: Love in the Shrubbery”
Kim Wilson brings bring Georgian and Regency gardens to life with an illustrated tour of English gardens, from tiny cottage gardens, to the gardens of the grand estates, to the gardens Jane Austen herself knew and loved. Featuring material from Wilson’s book, In the Garden with Jane Austen, the presentation will discuss 18th and 19th century gardening, the roles gardens played in the lives and loves of Austen and her characters, and will reveal the secrets to making your own Jane Austen garden.
"Tea with Jane Austen"
Sit down with Jane Austen and join her in a cup of tea! Kim Wilson shares the history of English tea and reveals Jane Austen as an avid tea lover. Tea figures prominently in Austen's life and work. At the center of almost every social situation in her novels one finds tea. In Emma, does Miss Bates drink coffee? Of course not: 'No coffee, I thank you, for me-never take coffee.-A little tea if you please.' In Pride and Prejudice, what is one of the supreme honors Mr. Collins can envision Lady Catherine bestowing on Elizabeth Bennet and her friends? Why, drinking tea with her, naturally. The audience will learn how to make the perfect cup of tea and what goodies to serve with it.
"At Jane Austen's Table"
Mr. Darcy is coming to dinner! What will Mrs. Bennet serve? In this illustrated tour of Georgian and Regency meals and customs, Kim brings to life the dinners and parties of Jane Austen’s novels and reveals what is involved in putting on a truly elegant Regency dinner and evening entertainment, one designed to impress a man who has “two or three French cooks at least.” The audience will learn how to recreate their own timeless Regency evening entertainment for their own Mr. Darcys.
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